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Life is way too short for masters and champions, so, success shortcuts persistently accelerate their wealth.
Understand this: Every human effort with previous masters and champions has great success shortcuts.
Make NO mistake: Each of us can successfully use the success shortcuts of masters and champions
The Success Shortcuts Route stopped counting in the many thousands of success students here.
You can produce dramatically better results in minutes or hours, without spending a bit of money.
The Success Shortcuts Route exists to help you help yourself, with the greatest information in history.
No one has had such tools to create the greatest collection of success shortcuts ever assembled before.
No other has repudiated the billions in value given away at the Success Shortcuts Route, for YOUR success.

Benefit the course of your life with the best information of YOUR life. This is an essence of success

Specific Success Claims of the Success Shortcuts Route
since so much of their information redundantly overlaps

To further support the outrageous and unprecedented claims relating to success shortcuts,
The Success Shortcuts Route offers many of the greatest HIGH-SPEED effective success shortcuts,
right here on this page, not least of which is the successful demonstration of search engine success.
RICH AND RELEVANT CONTENT provision is the most critical factor of success shortcuts in re search engines.
Currency talks, everything else walks.
The Success Shortcuts Route stands to deliver for your accelerated success.
The currencies of success are found in the widest array of information,
successfully compressed into shortcuts that promote more success.

Top FAQ's of the Success Shortcuts Route regarding success shortcuts.
Normally, the only stupid questions are those that are not asked.
Here, the Success Shortcuts Route easily makes exception.

What Are Success Shortcuts - How does the Success Shortcuts Route define Success Shortcuts?

The greatest success shortcuts are those identified, described, REPEATABLE shortcuts that promote success, and tend to dramatically, and sometimes profoundly, accelerate the results sought. Although plenty of people will argue about what success is constituted of, many will assert with inflexible certitude (which in itself by its extremity demonstrates its erroneous foundation) that success is defined as "__________."

In fact, as you already realize, the definitions of success are almost entirely subjective to each individual... and that's one of several cruxes of the Success Shortcuts Route, which operates as no other device in the world. Having several cruxes versus the expected one is just one of many features and functions of the Success Shortcuts Route which result in better results, faster results, through the use of shortcuts used by masters, near-identical to the shortcuts used by champions, the shortcuts employed by millionaires, and yes, Virginia, quite the same shortcuts utilized and exploited by billionaires... more often and, characteristically, more ardently, than by the rest of the citizenry.

When the most time-proven therapies of our forefathers are married to modern technologies, systematic analysis shows the ineffable profits that flow from combining a myriad of oldest and newest technologies available to humanity.

Approximately one hundred percent of us can learn how to success shortcuts, not least because the Success Shortcuts Route strives to translate these magnificent secrets and approaches and techiques into simple and basic PowerGems that a child can embrace with no great difficulty. As the first human to read a book or three per day, generally before you wake up, MisterShortcut knows that every human who adopts the shortcuts of the successful people they most admire is going to imitate or near-imitate the successful results of those same people.

Will Success Shortcuts Empower Me?

No. In fact, NO! The Success Shortcuts Route cannot motivate or empower you. The Success Shortcuts Route can inspire you, stimulate you into making better decisions, even help to spark you into action, and still, empowerment is, at base, self-empowerment.

The Success Shortcuts Route is not designed or aimed to succeed for you, or to empower you, nor can the Success Shortcuts Route even motivate you. The Latin root for "motivation" is the same as that of "locomotion."

Essentially, motivation is the force from within that drives. The success shortcuts both promulgated by the Success Shortcuts Route and perhaps first described so succinctly as they are at the Success Shortcuts Route (and thousands of sister sites crafted for you by the Godfather of Success Shortcuts) are geared to inform and remind you of the greatest success shortcuts used by masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires.

The empowerment part must come from within. The Success Shortcuts Route dares to boil it down to one question that so succinctly, so comprehensively captures the prime nature of all success shortcuts, and how often those shortcuts can be directly credited with helping you to accelerate success in any given or identified effort.

How hungry are you?

The Success Shortcuts Route assures you that, in every honest race among billions of races held,
it is the hungriest who is closest to the guarantee of winning, the hungriest person who most often wins the race.
You might even express that as "nearly every honest race ever run."

What Are Some Of The Successful Benefits Of Success Shortcuts?

Persistent Use Of Success Shortcuts offers us, Including You:

  • A comprehensive approach to creating success step by step, affording each of us greater ease and security as we work our way up our individual ladders of life, seeking to transmogrify a ladder of life into a ladder of success, culminating in YOU succesfully climbing your own personal ladder of success with the use of the PowerGems shared at the Success Shortcuts Route, the most successful shortcuts of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires. When you have a map, a recipe, a blueprint, that written plan is certain to multiply, again and again and again, the likelihood of your success being affirmatively accelerated.

  • Immediate Response Assessments And Resolutions

    One of the magnificent methods of the Success Shortcuts Route is to teach you, or to remind you, of the popcorn game, which takes two or more people, and the One-Person-Popcorn Game, which you employ on your own.

    With the popcorn game, two or more people sit down to consider any one or more questions. In each case, the responsibility of each participant is not necessarily to produce the best answer, or even workable answers, believe it or not, rather, only to produce answers. With each answer you produce, there tends to be a popcorn effect, where one or more of your fellow participants are more likely to come up with another suggested answer or proposed resolution. It does not matter how silly or unaffordable or otherwise-unattainable the suggestion or idea may be, the purpose is only to exercise the creative portion of your brain responsible for coming up with answers. However silly or saponaceous your answers might be, that magic goal of one hundred is all you need to successfully arrive at, even though you are welcome to go beyond one hundred. At least one to seven of those hundred ideas will be brilliant.

    As for the Success Shortcuts Route One-Person-Popcorn Game, you simply need to pretend you are going to be paid a week's worth of your income for EACH idea you produce, provided you produce no less than one hundred ideas. Best of all, you have a full 100 hours to produce these 100 ideas. Naturally, you can take 100 days or 100 weeks to produce 100 ideas, it will simply be a game of one-person-popcorn, minus capitalizations, outside the sanctions of the Success Shortcuts Route, heh heh. One hundred ideas in one hundred hours, and you can be perfervidly certain, in advance, that one to seven of your ideas will be no less than transcendantly coruscant in its brilliance.

    Whichever of these two approaches, or "games" you wish to make use of for promoting your accelerated success, these two shortcuts are no less than magnificent, persistent, and consistent in that every group of one hundred ideas yielded up by such efforts will inevitably produce some or many of the greatest ideas of your life. They count among the greatest success shortcuts of all time. No need to accept assurances or warrants of the Success Shortcuts Route: DO IT YOURSELF AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!

  • Billionaires are people who ask more people more times each... more than anyone else

  • You cannot even guess how many arguments you win when you learn to agree with THEIR side

  • Walking briefly in the shoes of opposition does not mean giving up that much more than your inflexibility

  • Understanding techniques of masters and millionaires is sometimes no more than observing actions before success

  • Living a Succesful Life Almost Certainly Demands Successful Use Of Shortcuts, As Observed In Masters and Millionaires

  • Organizations such as S.C.O.R.E. and websites such as can vastly help you multiply your wealth

  • Using success shortcuts works wonders approximately every time when you repeat those shortcuts

  • You can double your "Yes" rate in a single day by offering choices, rather than yes or no queries

Note: The Success Shortcuts Route does not pretend to succeed for you.
The Success Shortcuts Route can show you the way,
the Success Shortcuts Route can lead you to the waters that have been feeding success for many dozens of centuries,
and at the end of the day, "If it is to be, it is up to me."

Top of the Success Shortcuts Route for Success FAQs

The Success Shortcuts Route

Links For The Success Shortcuts Route Websites,
with a taste of Success Shortcuts Route EyeCandy for tolerant browsers
Mouse around, and enjoy, take the time to figure out how it works, if you like.
Of far greater importance, however, is the wish for your success, for your good luck,
by way of the Success Shortcuts Route view of luck as Laboring Under Correct Knowledge. -   OneShortcut Is A Success Shortcuts Route Keyword -   One-Shortcut To Boost Almost Everything You Do -   DoctorShortcut Secrets Of Masters And Millionaires -   Doctor-Shortcut Brings You The Success Shortcuts Route

Doctor of shortcuts, can there be such a thing,
a whim and a fancy, doctor of shortcuts kind of ring.
Sing to us now, doctor of shortcuts, teach of how to fly,
as long as the doctor of shortcuts, does not himself up and die.
Those who do it best of all, are the ones who's names go upon the wall.
Doctor of shortcuts, respecting high rankings, prevents a ranking spanking.
Doctor of shortcuts in what we do, so the doctor of shortcuts here addresses you. -   Total Winning Is An Assured Set Of Fruits Of Using Success Shortcuts - Repeatedly, and Relentlessly - -   Empower YOUR Accelerated Success With Universal Shortcuts Used By Masters and Millionaires -   Mister-Shortcut - Godfather of EyeCandy and Shortcuts With The Best in Self-Empowerment. -   MrShortcut - Another Delicious MrShortcut Self-Empowerment Site -   MrShortcut Shares Success Shortcuts Route-Level of Great Shortcuts -   Mr-Shortcut - Success Shortcuts Route Self-Empowerment Shortcuts -   Mr-Shortcut EyeCandy And PowerGems Wisdom

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What can Success Shortcuts Route success shortcuts show me or the world?

  • How to create simple maps for success that include shortcuts

  • treatments, but within the body's own Biofield.

  • The Success Shortcuts Route can be used to see:

  • Areas of weakness that need the successful boosts we derive from Success Shortcuts Route approaches

  • The value of writing, since the more you write, the more you make... ... including lists of, for example,
    who can help, what is needed, what information must be collected, and how to go about asking more people more times each

  • The fastest path to a particular portion of success along the journey of pursuing a specific, identified goal

  • How to resolve objections from who you are asking for help - agreeing or at least praising, isolating, capitalizing, solving

  • "When we imitate the actions, the words, the questions, of people enjoying repeat success,
    we enormously increase the probability of imitating their results"

    -- MisterShortcut, Godfather of the Success Shortcuts Route

    Top of the Success Shortcuts Route for Success FAQs

    The Success Shortcuts Route

    Links for a few of the IMMENSE number of Success Shortcuts Route Websites

    How does the Success Shortcuts Route differ from a thousand other self-help programs??

    • The Success Shortcuts Route does not seek to sell you books, tapes, videos, cd's, dvd's, etc.
      Those putatively "unfortuitous" human beings not gifted at birth with material wealth,
      most in need of the success shortcuts within the Success Shortcuts Route and associated websites,

      These success shortcuts are up to a thousand years old and even beyond, something of a birthright!

      When rich people sell such programs, at prices far in excess of what they need to fairly profit from them,
      the Success Shortcuts Route perceives the majority of them to be greedy and-or scoundrels (or both :-))

    • The Success Shortcuts Route is easily accessible. Not only are these methods kept alive through literally thousands of iterations on the internet,
      through related "schools of thought!"

      As well, the success shortcuts shared are accessible by approximately 80 to 100 percent of all humans,
      success shortcuts easy enough for a child to understand and make full use of... throughout a lifetime of repeat successes.

    • The Success Shortcuts Route is packed with EyeCandy, interactive EyeCandy often leading to hidden secrets of success within the Success Shortcuts Route,
      strewn generously all through the Success Shortcuts Route for you to find, usually hidden in plain site. Bad guys are less likely to search that far for shortcuts.

    • Very few people realize that looking at someone directly across from you, such as at a job or other interview requiring someone's ultimate approbation or agreement,
      eyes directly across from each other, is a poor idea for effective communication, for success in the instant effort undertaken.
      Much better (and more successful) to adopt this entirely useful success shortcut used by master communicators.
      The Success Shortcuts Route asserts that it is wiser to see truly "eye-to-eye" with each other,
      which means AVOIDING being straight across from each other, oppositionally, adversarially,
      where your left eye lines up with their right eye, and your right eye lines up with their left eye.

      When you make it your business to have your right eye aligned with their right eye, just a little bit to the left of being straight across,
      you are seeing each other eye to eye, and are more likely to create the rapport necessary for success in securing that person's agreement.

      This secret of success has never been observed by those behind the Success Shortcuts Route to be shared in any free program available,
      thus, the instant Success Shortcuts Route assertion of yet another uniquity to the successful approaches of your Success Shortcuts Route.
      What you know plays such a distant second fiddle to what you choose to repeatedly DO with what you know. So speak less, do more.
      As simplistic as it may strike you, the Success Shortcuts Route is certain to prove this a major secret of success...when you use it.

      Top of the Success Shortcuts Route for Success FAQs

    How long has the Success Shortcuts Route existed and been used?

    Shortcut answer, just teasing, short answer: Up to thousands of years

    In greater detail, the Success Shortcuts Route is the result of more than 30 years of intense research and development by the Godfather of Shortcuts and Godfather of EyeCandy, none other than your Success Shortcuts Route servant and Shapetalker, the prolific MisterShortcut. The precepts and principles, the underlying foundations and actual shortcuts that constitute the Success Shortcuts Route are up to thousands of years old, dating back as far as Socrates and Vishwakarma, considered by many the father of the first science, that of vastu, or energy relating to homes and other buildings. It is no egregegious expansion of imagination to say that the underlying realities and facts, the advance knowledge that you can act upon to promote your success at an accelerated rate, is genuinely timeless, as old as time.

    Top of the Success Shortcuts Route for Success FAQs

      How Deep-Down Does The Success Shortcuts Route Need To Go?

      Get to the Real Root of the Problem - The Success Shortcuts Route is a state of mind called "Resolution."
      That means you can fix, or focus on the blame, or you can fix, or focus on... the solution.

      When you focus on what's wrong, you are only putting off by that amount of time and level of focus, your eventual nearness and overrunning of the line between where you are now, and where you will be when resolution is achieved.

      Top of the Success Shortcuts Route for Success FAQs

      The Success Shortcuts Route

      Links For The Success Shortcuts Route websites focusing on success, and the best success shortcuts


      Does the Success Shortcuts Route offer health info?

      The Route Of Health Success offers QRA Links as a start to many healthy links

      Where the Success Shortcuts Route focuses on success with wealth and other measures of success,
      the Route Of Health Success is about imitating those living stronger for longer, starting with QRA:
      The most important test you will learn in your life is the one-second bidigital test. Kids can learn!
      QRA testing, QRA Practitioners and QRA appointments are smarter choices for us all

      Links for a few of the extensive range of Route Of Health Success QRA Websites


      TAGS Of Their Own Sort:
      Success shortcuts propounded and promulgated by the Success Shortcuts Route regarding the precise shortcuts used by masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires. The Success Shortcuts Route, innovated by MisterShortcut, works in every corner of the world, from Athens and San Fransisco to Addis Abbaba and Manhattan, both New York and Kansas, India to Alaska to Okinawa and Thailand, to the Phillipines and Iraq, from Madagascar and Guam, to Karachi and Tokyo, Greenland and all points between.

      TAGS II:
      Even if you live in Dallas or Austin, Texas, if you hail here from Shanghai or Iceland, the success shortcuts of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires will assuredly work for you, too. How hungry for success are you? The Success Shortcuts Route knows the way, the Success Shortcuts Route shows the way. Reach for the giant inside of you that O. Swett Marden wrote so profoundly of. Dare to think that you are worth the efforts of excellence, if only a few pre-determined minutes at a time, every day of your life.

      Learn the success shortcuts of those who succeed most often, and imitate the way that they use these shortcuts to succeed.

      In return, you are as close as can be fairly assured of succeeding with greater levels of success than you have experienced until today. Remember, when you imitate the attitudes and actions of masters and millionaires, you are likely to imitate their successful results as well. The Success Shortcuts Route avers and asseverates that the most successful shortcuts are the success shortcuts you repeat most often with an eye toward improving by as little as one percent.

      The Success Shortcuts Route Astounds

      The Success Shortcuts Route, now proven many tens of thousands of times, tends to astound those around you. As expected, there is a mathematical correlation between the hunger with which you remonstrate, and the success you demonstrate.

        The more educated you are, the more astounded you are likely to be. Just grab any of the success shortcuts shared at the Success Shortcuts Route, and run with it as fast as you can. Shhhh. Less talking, more doing.

      Vastu Links From The Route Of Health Success

      The Success Shortcuts Route

      Links For The Success Shortcuts Route Websites      

      Success Shortcuts In Success Shortcuts Route Shapetalk

      Success Shortcuts here, perhaps success shortcuts there,
      success shortcuts well-designed for those who most genuinely care,
      the Success Shortcuts Route idea is to succeed with shortcuts most everywhere.
      Success is a choice as much as it may be, a matter of cirumstance, or personal history.
      Success shortcuts work for most everyone who tries, to use success shortcuts to reach for the sky.
      The best of the best, within you and without, can be well-achieved with hortcuts, and of that there can be no doubt.

      A few more tastes of the Success Shortcuts Route :

      Shapetalk and Shortcuts In Poetry
      Success Shortcuts By Choice of Success Shortcuts Route

      Shortcuts are a wonderful help, when we take our personal hammers up off the shelf.
      Success is a choice, far more than circumstance, the Success Shortcuts Route ends the dance.
      Ask more people, more times each, and you will persistently end up with what was once beyond reach.
      Such are the shortcuts, the great success shortcuts, of those who prove to know and do better,
      the Success Shortcuts Route assures your success, just use these shortcuts, to the letter.
      If I ask ten, and you ask one hundred, it matters not how persuasive I might well be,
      YOU'll collect more from a hundred people, than I can from 10, this is sales history.
      The eyecandy the waverings, the ringwaves and more, all are part of what's in store,
      the Success Shortcuts Route succeeds at so much, to help you achieve such and such.
      YOU fill in these august blanks, what "such and such" is supposed to mean (in your life),
      all the while using the Success Shortcuts Route, to skim off your own cream (sharing with wife)

      Girl or boy, man or woman, the Success Shortcuts Route is for you,
      these are the successful shortcuts, to make your dreams come true.

      Success Shortcuts Making The Success Shortcuts Route Difference

      Make a difference with the Success Shortcuts Route
      With success shortcuts being what we seem to need,
      successful shortcuts appearing to compel us to succeed,
      when you examine claimed success shortcuts, seek to weed,
      the wheat of great shortcuts apart from what proves to be chaff.
      Everyone speaks of success shortcuts that will make you successful,
      claiming to know what is successful, while THEY use too few shortcuts,
      where the Success Shortcuts Route says we should heed only those who do.
      If you have not been getting your best information from the mouth of the horse,
      then the Success Shortcuts Route avers you may be at the wrong end of the horse.
      Better to use two ears twice as much as your one mouth, to heed YOUR role models.
      Each of them is using success shortcuts, and, apparently, using them successfully, so...

      Embrace the best success shortcuts, those used by the successful people you most admire.
      and the Success Shortcuts Route warrants that your success is going to be nicely accelerated.


      This is one of approx 2,389 front pages crafted for you by MisterShortcut for the Success Shortcuts Route and Route Of Health Success.
      If you grasp the reality that excellence is not going to happen in your life by accident, that it is truly up to YOUR hunger and efforts,
      you will find within the millions of unique pages springing forth from the Success Shortcuts Route and Route Of Health Success,
      shortcuts   more shortcuts, touted as the greatest shortcuts of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires.
      When you engage your Success Shortcuts Route and Route Of Health Success, they tend to constantly reciprocate.

      Awakening the Success Shortcuts Route and Route Of Health Success in YOU, life gets better and better.

      Considering all the shortcuts you use to succeed, from paying other people to prepare food for you,
      and a thousand other shortcuts you use on a routine, even daily basis,
      it's worthwhile to recognize that success shortcuts serve across our lives.

      Success is never achieved accidentally!!
      You already know that intention and repetition are likely the largest components of succeeding greatly. Can we agree on this?

      Cogitate, even briefly, on everything you've done well at. Can you think of even one that did not include these two components?
      What's wrong with us that we forget to use these factors ON PURPOSE.... MORE OFTEN?!!

      Fix it.     Rapidly.     Fix it right now, if you're hungry enough for success!

      Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, while today is a gift... ... which we know because ... we call it "the present."

      Use this 24-hour gift, compromised of 1,440 minutes, or, as winners call them, "opportunities."
      Use one or more of these magnificent success shortcuts and build YOUR success now.
      It's your turn to succeed mightily, there are successes with YOUR name on them.
      These success shortcuts are shared particularly for YOU to embrace them.